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Portfolio - 2Q2021

Hi readers, hope you are doing ok or better, given the situation regarding COVID-19 remains elevated since blowing up in May 2021. I think it is also amazing that we are already past 1st half of 2021. It was quite hectic due to work commitments up until very recently - so I get just a bit of breather to slow down my work tempo for the time being.

From this portfolio update onwards, I have also revised to show portfolio performance in terms of quarterly update.

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  1. Portfolio (2Q2021)
  2. Transactions and Dividends 
  3. Closing Thoughts

Portfolio (2Q2021 - 30 June 2021)

(Note: Share price and Forex as at 30 June 2021; Cryptocurrency is volatile and I have rounded down to lowest hundred USD for ease of calculation.)


Some commentary on my portfolio
  • Cryptocurrency Portfolio consists of several altcoins, largely dominated by Safemoon. Currently sitting on a loss after crypto-crash but Safemoon alone is still up about 4x of my initial amount. There was a point Safemoon was up 12x of my initial amount at its ATH.
  • Learning my lesson from poor risk management and failed investment with Alita Resources, I am making it a point to limit my capital inflow into my cryptocurrencies portfolio, a principal amount of no more than 10% of the rest of my portfolio as listed - if I hit my limit, I don't necessarily have to trim down my cryptocurrencies holding, but my stock portfolio have to grow in order to raise this said limit.
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Transactions and Dividends 

(a) Transaction Summary
  • Bought cryptocurrencies (About ~USD 700 including gas fees)
    (b) Dividend Summary
    • Received SGD 100 in dividends from UMS (May 2021).
    • Expecting to receive SGD 100 in dividends from UMS (July 2021)

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    Closing Thoughts

    On the Investment Front

    Second quarter marks a very significant milestone for my investing journey - I made my first foray into cryptocurrencies - specifically a selection of Altcoins, heavily weighed to those with use-cases and useful project, and developers who gives impression they are trustable and can walk the talk.

    Safemoon, a new cryptocurrency only launched in late March 2021, deserves a special place among this. They have exceeded expectations with deliverables, the developers doxxing themselves, and the developers having reputable links which will see massive repercussion to themselves if this somehow ends up being a rugpull.

    Colour me impressed, to say the least.

    There was news of global semiconductor shortage being expected to extend into 2023. This meant that to meet demand, foundries will have to expand their capacity. This means that semiconductor manufacturing equipment should see a revenue increase - and SGX-listed companies such as AEM, UMS, and Frencken will be beneficary of this.

    I am also of the view that this trend of increased semiconductor usage will be a long-term growth driver as the world is increasingly transforming to adopt or advance in the age of digitalisation.

    (To reiterate - this is my point and is not to be taken as financial and/or investment advice, please DYODD).


    I just got promoted in my company! Truth be told, I was not quite expecting a promotion yet (expecting next year instead), but not too surprised either as I had prior experience in the field.

    The extra cash flow from the increment is timely as given my personal situation, however, non-discretionary expenditure will be growing significantly at the same time. I'm keeping it short for now, but I plan to share again down the road.

    Also gotten my first jab on Friday - felt groggy for the evening thereafter, but besides a bruised pain in the left arm until today, nothing a good night sleep could not help with.

    I wish my readers good health and to stay safe - COVID-19 situation is far from over, but we can get over this.

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