Sunday, May 3, 2020

Portfolio Update - April 2020

It's the end of the month once more, and you know what that means on my blog - a portfolio update for the month of April 2020.

I have been preoccupied with work and some personal matters, and been needing a mental break to recharge, so I had not written anything for the month of April 2020, until now. Even for this portfolio update, I am keeping it brief (might as well, since not much to observe besides watching Covid-19 runs its course).

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  1. Portfolio (30 April 2020)
  2. Transactions and Dividends
  3. Closing Thoughts

Portfolio (30 April 2020)


Some commentary on my portfolio
  • Besides Lendlease REIT, all other counters saw some recovery, though nowhere near pre-crash.
  • I decided to sell off CMT on 30th April after some thinking. 
    • Fundamentally, it should recover eventually, and the merger with CapitaCommercial Trust will moderate the impact to retail somewhat, but recovery is probably still some ways off.
    • Technically, there was a triple top with resistance at ~SGD 1.90. It should stay range-bound (1.7x-1.9x) for a while. Probably at least until the merger is completed?
    • I am taking some profits off the table, but it is still on my watchlist as investment, and may buy in again if it hits mid SGD1.7x or lower.
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Transactions and Dividends 

(a) Transaction Summary
  • Sold 2000 units CMT at SGD1.89 each (Net Profit ~SGD 80)
  • Cash from payout (SGD 600) and sale of CMT (~SGD3720 after deducting brokerage fee) is added into warchest.
(b) Dividend Summary
  • No dividend received for the month of April 2020
  • No dividend declared for the month of April 2020 (CMT was sold off)
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Closing Thoughts
It remains my opinion we will not see V-shape recovery. The damage done by Covid-19 is extensive, even with support to business from the government and prudence exercised to weather the storm.

As with my closing of portfolio update in March 2020, continue to get lock and loaded, and to accumulate if you see solid stocks at good prices. Stay well, guys!

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