Sunday, April 1, 2018

Random Musing - When a union of two is more than just +100%

When one gets attached to his or her significant other and settles down, it's not merely a union of two person. They love each other, double their joy, share their sorrow, and offer comfort in each others' company. It is also a synergistic link where the couple is able to compliments each other's quantities and bring out the best in themselves.

Just like how when you work in a partnership over a project with another person, where there is opportunity to bounce ideas between each other, and their ideas may just be the missing piece(s) (and vice versa) to a blockbuster of an idea, just as how mixing blue and yellow paint gives you different shades of green.

On a more tangible level, it could be a simple thing, such as pooling up resources to invest in stocks with a lower commission, as opposed to buying twice. It may give you the opportunity to purchase at a better valuation instead of averaging up as well. It could even allow you access to means of generating passive income at an earlier age if even at all.

A union of two person grants the opportunity to prosper together, achieving much bigger targets than if they had not been together, and pursued their own goals separately, and enjoying the fruits of their labour earlier.

A union of two is more than just +100%. A union of two is exponential.

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