Friday, April 13, 2018

Poll - Merger between Alliance Minerals Assets Limited and Tawana Resources

Previously I briefly talked about the merger between Alliance Minerals (SGX: 40F) and Tawana Resources (ASX: TAW) here.

For the merger to be a success, there also has to be 75% support on Tawana's end and 50% support on Alliance's end.

As I continue to monitor the sentiment about the merger, it got me curious as to the proportion between supporters and protester (especially from our aussie friends) and so I've decided to give polling a try above my post.

For folks visiting the mobile version of my blog, you will need to switch to the web version to see the poll.

So folks following this story, are you in support or are you against the merger?


  1. Prior to sacking of directors I would have been in favour of the merger but something about didn't seem right. I am now strongly against the merger and think that the ultimate goal is for Burwill,Jiangxi & Starck to gain majority control of merged company.

    1. Hi Tan15,

      My thoughts based on what others have written is that the merger is more likely being executed to prevent them from gaining majority control of merged company.

      I imagine your concern is them taking the company private for themselves cheap instead of placing the interest of us shareholders first?