Saturday, February 3, 2018

Portfolio performance review (2018-02-03)

This is the first time I'm posting about my investments so I will go through more backgrounds for my portfolio.

Dividend Portfolio
Capitamall Trust (5000 units)
Cache Logistic Trust (7500 units)
Fraser Logistic and Industrial Trust (1000 units)
Asian Pay TV Trust (10000 units)
Cromwell European REIT (1000 units)

Yield based on purchased price plus commission: Around 7.8%. It should return me about 1800 this year. The goal is to achieve at least 8% and having some element of growth to increase yield further.

Overall I'm pleased to say all the stocks in this portfolio is seeing capital gains.

Capitamall Trust - My first stock that I bought into while it was undervalued slightly. When I first started out on my investment journey, I had set out with a goal of being able to make 6000 from dividends/distribution annually for every 120K. As I enrich myself further, my yield target has been set higher and higher. Capitamall Trust, as a Blue-Chip, anchors itself as a safer asset in my portfolio. I look forward to the day Funan starts contributing to the distributions again.

Cache Logistic Trust - Truth be told, I rushed into buying it overpriced for high yield (I thought it was 9%+) as an inexperienced guy without realising private placement has diluted the distribution hence limited my gain from this (this is why you should do research before buying in.) The good news? I had managed to average down enough to have paper gain. I had periodically added position into this, most recently from the recent rights issue. With the gearing ratio reduced to ~36% (now 39.3% after acquisition), its 51 Alps issue resolved amicably, and recent acquisition of more Australian properties, my outlook for Cache is pretty positive.

Fraser Logistic and Industrial Trust - Bought at IPO as a tikam and as a form of reinvesting dividend proceeds. I kind of regret not having add a larger position after IPO given my positive outlook, especially given the growth prospect and low gearing.

Asian Pay TV Trust - Bought it as a riskier play (given the not-so-good consensus based on analysis from several parties) to boost distribution. It will be interesting to see the effect of the reduction in Capex spending this year. I'm on the fence about letting it go.

Cromwell European REIT - Another IPO tikam also being treated as dividend reinvestment. Also treating it as hedging if EUR strengthens or SGD weakens. It won't start contributing to the income until its maiden payout in Sept 2018. May consider adding more position later on?

Growth Portfolio (well only 1 stock at the moment hahaha)
Alliance Mineral Assets (40000 units)

AMAL - Lithium play. I am bullish on this and the overall Lithium-related sector and confident it will be a multi-bagger in the future.

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