Saturday, February 3, 2018

Little advices for preparation of job-hunting

Note: Some parts of this post may apply specifically to the context of Singapore.
Note 2: Noting that this post is particularly popular, I have updated this post as at 15 Feb 2018 ( changes in blue).

So recently, I had the opportunity to look to new employment. Having gone through the job application and interview process, I learnt how some companies practices having some interesting requirements to be prepared for job application and interview... and in the aftermath, my thought were, "People might wanna know these when they are job-hunting."

Here goes:
  • Always prepare a few complete sets of your photocopied documents, even if you are not actively job-hunting, then stash it somewhere. Of course, take good care of and don't lose your originals either:
    • Your identity card (front and back)
    • Your education certificates and transcripts
    • Other professional certifications
    •  Your testimonials
    • Here's the interesting part: some companies do actually request for your last drawn salary payslip and your bonus payslip. I have learnt my lesson with this. Keep your payslips! You never know when you will need it (I'm glad I did just that).
  • Resumes should always be tailored to the job requirement as much as possible.
    • As a fresh graduate, consider making it concise enough to fit on a single page, unless there are really some significant achievements you want to put in.
  • Get yourself a LinkedIn! Not only because companies does job advertising there, but it is common for headhunting to be done there. Even if not, you should furnish your professional profile in there, do some networking, and you can enrich yourself with the wealth of knowledge shared by other professionals! Plenty to be gained there.
  • Have an elevator speech prepared - this is how you will introduce yourself in 60 seconds.
  • Rehearse and anticipate possible questions (I imagine this will be particularly challenging as a fresh graduate, as you may not be able to give targeted questions and answers throughout the interview)
  • Networking is key to success as a professional. Get yourself acquainted with friends, schoolmates, colleagues. Not only does this expands your opportunity to make career moves or start a career, the knowledge sharing adds values as you enrich yourself and it builds up your interaction skills.
  • Have confidence in yourself! Everyone has something they are good at!
Any other tips? Please do share here as well!

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