Sunday, November 1, 2020

Portfolio - October 2020

October marks the beginning of 4Q 2020. Towards the final week of October, the market started seeing increased volatility.

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  1. Portfolio (31 October 2020)
  2. Transactions and Dividends
  3. Closing Thoughts

Portfolio (31 October 2020)



Some commentary on my portfolio
  • With the exception of Fu Yu Corp (SGX: F13) which dropped only half a cent, the portfolio saw a significant drop. Overall, the portfolio value has changed by about -7.5%.
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Transactions and Dividends 

(a) Transaction Summary
  • No transaction was done in the month of October 2020.
(b) Dividend Summary
  • No new dividend declared in the month of October 2020. (Wilmar's ~15% proceed from YKA IPO is not counted at the moment)
  • No new dividend received in the month of October 2020.

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Closing Thoughts
I am seeing some opportunities for fellow investors to accumulate positions with the increased volatility in the market. It's also a pity I did not offload Wilmar (it has not hit my target price yet) when it hit 4.6x - 4.7x. Previously, in my September 2020 Portfolio update, I had also mentioned toying with the idea of offloading Fu Yu Corp to increase position on stocks belonging to my current portfolio. 

Read: Portfolio update for month of September 2020.

Observing the market movement, this thought has once again presented itself. The near-term weakness in market, the indifference in Fu Yu Corp's stock price movement, and the possibility of near-term catalyst coming sooner to my other position than Fu Yu Corp is the reasoning behind this thought. Decisions, decisions...

I guess if I do take action, you will see it in next month's Portfolio update. Haha.

Other than market matters, I guess it's been a while since I shared any updates for personal events? If you are curious, here goes:

(1) I have recently just completed a high-key In-Camp Training (ICT). It was a good change of pace from work affair, and give opportunities to catch up with peers from the same unit.

(2) Taking advantage of the lower interest rate, I am working to change from HDB Concessionary Loan to a DBS 5-year 1.5% Fixed rate loan. (Thanks for the heads-up on Red Brick Mortgage Advisory, B!)

(3) Started to learn about Data Science, either to explore opportunities that also combines knowledge as a Mechanical Engineer in a manufacturing environment, or to explore an opportunity towards a change in career altogether.

Phase 3 is probably around the corner, and it is just a matter of time before announcements are out. It is fortunate the Covid-19 situation in Singapore is contained, but we should still be vigilant, until it has been eradicated altogether. Stay safe, all!

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