Friday, July 19, 2019

Prime US REIT (SGX: OXMU) - Got my small parcel of IPO shares / Opening day performance

So balloting results for public offering of Prime US REIT (SGX: OXMU) is out since a few days back, everyone applied got something! And then they debuted at 2pm earlier today.

I got what I applied for - 1000 units and I have updated this in Stockscafe. Just a few days back, I blogged about my application as well. I will do the update to my portfolio when it's time for 3Q2019 updates. :)

Balloting Discussion
Overall, the receipt is lukewarm - It's been attributed to the following:
  • REIT IPO Fatigue
  • Sentiment of US Economy
But hey, at least it was not under-subscribed, and I think that's what mattered.
Several bloggers in the community also shared their view on the balloting results and you may want to check these out.
Financial Horse
Singapore IPO
Opening Day results
Here's some data for the opening day performance - Courtesy of
Prime US REIT (SGX:OXMU)'s day 1 trading on SGX Mainboard today -

IPO price: US$0.880
Open: US$0.865; High: US$0.880; Low: US$0.865; Last: US$0.880.

10,723,800 units changed hands at average price of US$0.873, out of which
- 3,767,500 units were brought back under stabilising action with the price ranges from US$0.865 to US$0.880.
- 50,000 units were short sell at the price of US$0.865.
Overall, it debuted just as I expected. Investors who were gunning for better pricing after debuting had some opportunity to pick up at a small discount for today provided they bought it at sufficiently large quantities (depending on the commission fee of their brokerage).

The IPO was an opportunity for me to compound on dividend gains as well as to increase my holdings in REITs. Let's see how things go over the next few quarters aye?

Have a good weekend all~

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