Monday, March 12, 2018

Dr Tee's Workshop - Post-event thoughts

I attended Dr Tee's Investing Strategies for REITs and Business Trusts with Business Outlook 2018 recently (as mentioned in a previous post).

He covered 5 of his 55 strategies and insights involving:
- Stock-picking
- Figuring out entrance/exit point that allows us to bridge FA, TA and PA to become better investors and/or traders.

The event name suggests otherwise, but it covers stocks of companies beyond that as well. Additionally, he has also shared some stock analysis and market outlook for the year 2018.

Among the strategies and insight covered during the workshop involved:

1) Looking at the optimism level of stocks or indices in relation to:
- Sector (e.g. For a oil-related counter, you will also look at oil prices)
- Region
- The world to determine entry and exit for investors and traders;

(Source: Ein55)

2) Screening and picking "Giants", companies that will be resilient during tough times;

3) Dream Team concept on a stock portfolio:
- 40% defenders (resilient and defensive stocks);
- 40% midfielders (growth, undervalue investing), and;
- 20% strikers (crisis investing, cyclic investing, short-term trading, momentum trading)
- Finally, with Goalkeeper being your cash.

 (Source: Ein55)

Beyond his half-day events, he also hosts 5-day workshops and full courses that is 5 months or longer as well. These classes would cover more of his 55 strategies in-depth.

(Unfortunately, I'm in a situation where I need to save up money for the next few months. Otherwise I would have enrolled in his 5-day course).

It was a fruitful session worth many times more than the $12 I had paid. Given the opportunity, I would love to attend more of his courses.

Post-event, I am reflecting on my current portfolio. Should I do drastic changes to my strategy or my current portfolio, and then apply what I learnt? :)

His website is: Do take a look! (And if by any chance Dr. Tee reads this, thank you sir, I really appreciated the session!)

P.S. Dear readers, I'm wondering if there are topics that are at this point still not easily found online. Have any in your mind? Do write in to me via comments section! I can take a look at it!

(I've edited for easier readability on 14-3-18)

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